“Bouncers have done a great job [at DFC]” says Ngobane.

28, Sep, 2016 The Open Journal 3

Peaceful students at DFC who began to mobilize other students who were in classes, faced a dead end when the Fidelity Security (bouncers) physically stopped them from doing so. It was a hard job, if not impossible for the bouncers to disperse the students. The bouncers then took a chemical resort, to pepper spray the students. The students perceived these deeds as provocative, which caused anger that led to a war of stones when students threw stones at the bouncers.


28, Sep, 2016 The Open Journal 0

Limpopo Police confirmed today that the universities security personnel had fired rubber bullets at protesting students at the University of Limpopo last night. At first it was alleged that two students had been killed and that was the message that was spread around amongst students on social media.

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