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APK EFFSC Food Petition To “Put Pressure” On UJ

The EFF Student Command (EFFSC) at UJ’s APK campus recently launched a Food For All petition to persuade the University to change its food allowance policy.

The policy prevents first and second-year students who are funded by NSFAS from receiving a food allowance. Honours students are also affected by the policy.

The petition aims, “to put pressure on the university to…rethink its food dispensation for the students mentioned above, by issuing food allowances for all NSFAS students,” said the Acting Secretary of EFFSC at APK, Terri Maggott, in a letter to potential stakeholders.

Maggot said the petition was, “in partnership with NSFAS and student representatives.”

At present only students in their final year of undergraduate studies are eligible for food allowance. All other students join long queues for morning and afternoon meals at the UJ branch of the humanitarian organisation Gift of the Givers (GoG).

“Having to stand in long lines at GoG is inconvenient and humiliating for students, and denies students the opportunity to fully focus on their studies, as it requires that they sometimes miss class to get food,” Maggot stated in the letter.

The call to change the policy goes beyond political differences.

“Signing this does not reflect your affiliation with [the] EFF Student Command,” Maggot said. “It simply means that you are showing support for hungry students who are trying very hard to get through their studies without access to food.”

“I’m signing because I have [gone] through the same struggle, going to class hungry, at times going back home hungry. The University of Johannesburg needs to take this issue [seriously],” said one of the people who signed the petition.

The petition was launched on the 28th of November 2017 and it has so far garnered 84 signatures. Supporters include both former and current UJ students.

Contact Terri Maggott:

+27 71 097 8160

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